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My System in Phoenix, Arizona Beginning in 2008.
4 Panels 2008

First Panels Bought in 2007 Now use at times in RV

Used now in my  RV.
Charge Controller turns panels off when battery is at full charge to extend battery life.
Inverter converts the DC "Direct Curent" to AC "Alternating Curent" which is used to run regular House hold Equipment, used in the RV like the TV, Computer, DVD Player, Fans, Microwave ect..

Supplies Energy up to 10 KiloWatts of Power per Day,  for my Office now 2008


Used  to Supply Power in Office Used for 11 Panels,  hooked to Batteries.

Battery Bank

Battery Bank- 4  Deep Cell Batteries 12 volt batteries- 2 hooked together to make 24 volts for the Inverter in the Previous Photo


On My Home in Phoenix 11.5 Kw of Power hooked to APS Grid. in Mar of 2010


11.5Kw Inverter Hooked to Aps Grid.  Spins my Aps Meter Backwards for a Refund Each Month from them.


Another View of the 11.5 KW Inverter hooked to the APS Meter.

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Roland Dufault
4176 West Hearn Rd
Phoenix, Arizona, 85053

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